Can you include Jetstar with Qantas Oneworld RTW itinerary?

Hi guys,
I’m building a Qantas Oneworld Award flight (Oneworld Classic Flight Reward RTW) flight using the 132,400 points in economy. The fare is coming in at 155,000 points because there is a Jetstar fare in there (Bangkok to Melb).
Qantas are saying the Jetstar flight is throwing the itinerary as there is a max mile limit of 20k miles when Jetstar is included instead of the standard 35,000 miles. Everyone I speak to at Qantas is pretty clueless. Unfortunately there are no other airlines/flights available (school hols x 4 pax).
Does anyone know if this is true or should I keep trying to fight it with Qantas? It’s a difference of around 80k points for our family - which takes forever to save up. Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers.

Afaik, Jetstar isn’t a oneworld member hence will throw a spanner in the works for a Qantas oneworld RTW redemption.

Including Qantas partner airlines that aren’t in oneworld will cause the point costs for the itinerary to blow out. Case in point for Emirates.

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