Can you include Emirates in a Qantas Oneworld RTW redemption?

Can you use Emirates in an RTW booking when booking with Qantas pionts as it would be a Qantas ticketed flight?


Just to answer my own question this is what i got back from Qantas:

Hi Stuart, you can make a RTW QFF redemption booking including Emirates flights if available. All Qantas and partner airlines can be used for Classic Rewards RTW bookings. Nat.

Just wanting to clarify this point as in the PH guide it says several times Emirates bookings for RTW redemptions not allowed.

Stuart, unfortunately, it wouldn’t fall under the oneworld RTW redemption that caps off at a certain point costs. This is because Emirates is not part of oneworld.
Yes, you can definitely use your points to build a RTW redemption of your own (that involved non oneworld member airlines like Emirates) but the point costs would keep increasing with every flight sector added once you have added one non oneworld flight to the itinerary.

Hope that clarifies things for you.