Can you get to Zurich with Velocity points?

Hi, I have read all the beginner’s course, and got quite excited about it all, until I went to Velocity and plugged in Melbourne to Zurich with SIA. Seems this route is not covered.

We fly return Melbourne to Koh Samui, and Melbourne to Zurich every year. Currently we travel economy or premium economy, but would like to do the Europe trip business class, and use points to get the cost down.

It seems that I would not be able to use Velocity points to get us what we want, so there would be no point getting a Velocity linked credit card?

Any hints guys, or am I missing something?


It is definitely possible. Click on “Point + Pay” when you are searching on . If you search 11/12 months in advance (towards the furthest date you can possibly book), you will see some availabilities. Singapore Air and Etihad flies to Zurich. Etihad redemption with Velocity points involve a chunky cash component though.