Can you get Qantas to do the leg work when trying to find and book international business class seats using Qantas points?

I have been trying to book 2 x business class classic reward seats (for myself and my wife) on Qantas/Partner airlines from Brisbane to London return for months and months, but no luck. Is it possible to give my flight dates and duration of trip (I am flexible on both) to Qantas and let them find the reward seats for me? I’m more than happy to pay Qantas a fee to find and book the seats/flights for me.

No unfortunately, what you see is what you get. There are paid third-party points booking services out there that help you scour the airline websites for award tickets but they don’t have the power to magically generate new ones for you. If you are tired of searching, that can be an option.

I will say that flying to London is THE most popular way of using points for Qantas frequent flyer members so it is no surprised that you can’t find much out there! They generally open up some seats at the beginning of the calendar (i.e. about a year out) so that can be your chance to snag a seat.

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Similar to what @djtech said, some travel agents will do the leg work for you too (for a fee of course). However, when it comes time to book you either have to give them your FF account login details for them to do it, or else you have to book it yourself - and hope the seats are still available.

If there is no availability on the route you want (I’m guessing you’re looking at the most direct routes), try alternate routes with an extra stop in SE Asia, or try round the world via USA/Canada, returning via middle east or Asia somewhere. If you can find business class seats the additional time/layovers can be offset by the lounge access, lie flat beds and other inclusions - view your travel time as an experience to be enjoyed and savoured. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you djtech and jenart for your replies. I’m definitely not expecting anyone to magically generate FF reward seats for me. I am however, frustrated by the lack of available business class reward seats on Qantas international flights. I have enough FF points to book 2 x round-the-world business class (or first class) seats (if they were available) and still have plenty of points left over. I have spent many hours over many weeks and months trying to book Qantas/Partner business class reward seats from Brisbane to London return, travelling via Asia or the USA, but nothing comes up. I’d be happy to pay a fee and let a third party (including Qantas) do the searching for me. Hence my original posting. If you can recommend a third party booking service I can contact to assist me, I would be grateful.

@bcprice I’ve DM’d you with some details… not sure if it would be seen as business promotion or not if I put the info here.

Thank you jenart for your email, I have responded.

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HI Jenart, I would also be interested in these details.

Check out @sixtyeight 's post on this thread for some great info.

I’ve sent you a DM with some additional info.