Can you filter out China Eastern flights from Qantas award flight search?

I’m all for carrier partnerships and allowing flyers to use their points on different airliners. That being said, as a previous American Airlines flyer with a stockpile of AA miles and a history of buying AA miles at the right price, I find the Qantas award search engine very frustrating when searching flights to Asia. There is nearly every day award availability of China Eastern flights that I can’t redeem AA miles to book and to search every day is painful if I am not looking for a specific date. Is it possible to filter out that carrier to view just the other options(QF, CX, MH, JL, etc)?

I don’t think so. Try British Airways, which is known for being a pretty good oneworld search engine.

What a shame you can’t book China Eastern on a day time economy flight you could look forward to.

A choice of warm beer or red wine.

Flight attendants that apparently don’t speak any English , they just walk of when asked asked a question.

And you will miss the compulsory nap after lunch as they like to turn off  all the cabin lights and close the blinds after your lunch tray is whisked away.

Good luck with your flight search i hope your perseverance pays off.