Can you date change a Krisflyer Business Saver redemption to any other date?

Hi all,

Has anyone ever rebooked a business flight booked as Saver on Singapore Airlines? I would love to know if the date change would need to be to a date where there is a Saver fare using KrisFlyer points available or it can be any date?

For example, if I book a Biz Saver for August 2023 and decide to move it to September, happy to pay the $25USD but what if there are no Biz Saver flights available when I go to change the date?


Hi @cweinlich

Yes, I have rebooked a Saver-award business class flight on Singapore Airlines, but yes, it’s only possible when there are Saver awards on the flight you want to rebook.

Booking a business class flight on a date you don’t want, and subsequently being allowed to change it to a date you do want even if there are no award seats available, is absolutely something in the “too good to be true” category!