Can you convert Alaskan Air miles to Qantas points?

Do miles purchased from Alaska Airlines have to be purchased on the Amex Platinum card to be able to convert them to Qantas frequent flyer points.

Unfortunately, you can’t convert Alaskan miles to Qantas points. You can use Alaskan miles on eligible Qantas flights.

If you are just buying Alaskan miles, using whichever card doesn’t affect the outcome. Other than the foex charges you get charged or the type of points you earn from the purchase.

You are BUYING ALASKA MILES with your credit card (the AMEX PLATNIUM in this case). You will receive ALASKA MILES which you can REDEEM FOR FLIGHTS INCLUDING QANTAS. You will also earn AMEX POINTS from buying the points with your AMEX PLATINIUM which you can TRANSFER TO QANTAS POINTS. Alaska miles remain Alaska miles but you can transfer your AMEX points to Qantas.

Very new to this and appreciate your help

Thank you for your assistance.