Can you consolidate status earned from flights for the rest of the family?

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  1. When you book tickets that include children can you claim the status points for their tickets?

  2. If I book through or similar can i show my QFF card at the gate and get the points/status.

thanks in advance.

  1. No. You would have to create a seperate frequent flyer account for each of your little ones which are tied to your adult account. Then, for Qantas, you can pool their Qantas points, but I believe their status credits stay with them and not you. For Virgin, you can do family pooling which does bring together both the points and status credits.
    TLDR: Yes for virgin, no for qantas.

  2. After you book with a travel agent (e.g. flight centre or, you will get a confirmation email and a booking reference for the airline. So just type in that booking reference into the Manage your trips section and then you can do a bunch of things including add your frequent flyer number to make sure you are earning your points, request special meals and choose your seat.