Can you cancel free Amex Virgin flight online?

Hello everyone,
I have the AMEX Velocity Platinum card , which comes along with a free return flight.
If one was to cancel the flight booking, can you do this online or you have to call Virgin up ?

Thank you.


I’ve just had a read of the relevant Terms & Conditions. The one you need to look at is paragraph 13 of the T&C document, under “Domestic Return Flight Conditions”. It says that cancellations are not permitted so if you cancel your flight you’ll forfeit it. However, time/date changes are permitted for a fee. So my suggestion is that you re-book your flight for another time rather than cancel it altogether.

As per the T&Cs, you need to call Virgin on 1300 153 006 to do this.

Hope this helps!


Hello Sixtyeight,
Thanks a lot for your helpful reply :slight_smile: