Can you buy Velocity points from friends or eBay?

Hi Guys

Has anyone brought points (Velocity)off of friends, eBay etc? Can it be done or can you only transfer give/collect points from family members?


Hi hef,

You are not allowed to transfer to non-family members according to the T&C.

You might be lucky and stay under the radar but I would personally advise against doing so. As there is risk of getting both accounts frozen for auditing. Any legitimately booked flights may remain invalid during the investigation.

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Thanks saw it pop up today on eBay and then tried googling it to see if you were allowed, do you know if it’s frowned upon to give to family members who don’t live in your house ie parents?

Thanks again

I reread the T&C and it says you need to have the same residential address. I must have forgotten about this.

Not sure how strictly they police this. But you might be able to change your address to match?