Can you buy Qantas points from Point Hacks website?

I was wanting some information in relation to purchasing FF points through Qantas. I have already changed my changed my Altitude rewards to Qantas per the document I received from Points Hacks. Is there any further information you can give me in relation to purchasing points

the only way you can "purchase " Qantas points is a top up for redemptions. it is not like other airlines where they are often on sale. others will also say the Qantas purchase price per point is not cheap and should only be used when you really need the points to make a redemption.

Qantas points purchases are not related to what credit card you own.

Thanks Mark,

Just a question, can you purchase other Airline rewards through point hacks for any other frequent flyer company? Alternatively if you purchase AA points you can transfer them to Qantas, correct?