Can you book two contiguous bookings, one with HHonors points and the other with cash?


It’s not quite clear to me whether this is allowed or it’ll end up biting me on arrival.

I’ve quite a few HHonors points, but not quite enough to cover the stay, and even with Hilton’s bonus (which has since finished), there’s little point in buying more points.

Can you book half of your stay with cash and the other with points on two separate bookings or will this lead to misery on arrival?



Yes any 2 contiguous bookings (regardless of payment method) the same name can be linked only on arrival so that you don't have to change rooms .

AFAIK, most hotels will ‘join/connect’ consecutive bookings for you.

It saves them from extra housekeeping and admin (check in/out) too.

Some bookings are cheaper if individual days are booked.