Can you book Delta One seats using Velocity Points?

I have two First Class bookings with Delta coming up in December - LAX>SEA>JFK and JFK>SJC>LAX as these were the only flights available on the Velocity site the week I was looking. I would love to rearrange these to direct flights and switch to Delta One class if possible - is at all possible to book Delta One seats using Velocity points if I call directly or would these seats be unavailable to Velocity members? I’m only Red status.

Hi gorath44000,

I believe what you see is what you get via website. By all means, ring Velocity and ask them too to double check.

Good luck.

Do these flights even have Delta one seats?   I have looked at some USA domestic flights and the best seat are First CLass (equal to VA business class for short fights).


These particular flights don’t but I was under the impression that direct flights from East/West Coast do. I’ll have to call Velocity to check but I don’t think they’ll be made available for Velocity members after a bit of digging.