Can you access Emirates Dubai business class lounge on Emirates flight (QF number) as a Qantas Club member?

Hi Everyone,
Appreciate any insight or experience- Qantas club member, flying Emirates through Dubai on QF number (not EK). My research indicates I should still be able to access Dubai Business Class lounge?

Second question is eligibility related. With Qantas club I can take my husband and 2 kids in as well. Does this still apply for Emirates operated lounge, or are they more strict and only allow Qantas Club member and 1 guest?

Qantas clearly states all their lounge access rules on their website, perhaps you take the time to look yourself rather than trying to have someone else do the work for you?

Hi @nlp28

The good news: you’re correct, you’ll be able to access the Emirates lounge in Dubai.

The bad news: for an Emirates-operated lounge, I’m afraid children count as guests. So you will only be able to bring in one guest. The relevant web page is here. It’s the section called the “Child Access Guide” you’ll be interested in. It states that “All children are counted as guest numbers” in Emirates lounges.

You could, of course, ask nicely and see what happens! I’ve had more than a little success in lounges by simply introducing my family members, and then asking nicely. It’s worth giving it a try.

Let us know how you go!

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Thanks @sixtyeight for your polite and helpful response. Much appreciated.


Good Luck Nicole! And thanks to sixtyeight for posting yet another helpful response to a question. This group is all about helping each other IMO.


More than happy to help other people with my experience on more complex questions, but when someone tries to get other people to do research for them when the results can be gleaned from a simple google search isn’t one of those cases.

@doubleplatinum Of course you have every right, as we all do, to answer or not answer any question you want! My (hopefully) polite and friendly advice, though, would be that if you don’t want to answer a question, don’t post anything at all.

For every 100 people who read a question, 99 of them don’t want to answer it. Imagine what an absolute mess this website would be if they all followed your example and said so!:wink: