Can we please get some help in finding return flights to anywhere in Europe in June or July 2023 for 2 people with Velocity or Qantas points?


We haven’t booked anything as were waiting to see if I changed jobs. We know it’s peak season and unlikely we will find anything at a decent price but would love some help please if anyone has any tips or suggestions.

We have about 335000 velocity points and about 80000 qantas points.

We predominantly want to go hiking but are not fussed on where we fly in or out of.

Thanks s much!!

There are definitely still quite a few options if you don’t mind flying economy, but business will be hard to come by for your requirements. IMO velocity seems to be a bit more generous atm especially with their access to more Qatar seats.

For hiking, I quite like Germany as they have a strong hiking culture and plenty of good trails. Though feel free to explore the Scandinavia and even some Eastern European options like Czech or Poland as well if you want to go off the beaten track (literally and figuratively!)

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