Can the Qantas Amex Ultimate's $450 travel credit be used for solely booking someone else's flights?

Apologies if this has already been answered in another thread, or covered in a post.

My dad has asked me to book an international ticket for him from Melbourne to San Francisco. I have my $450 travel credit from my Qantas Amex Ultilmate card, which I am unlikely to use in full myself, as I only have domestic travel planned this year.

My question is, can I use this travel credit to book his international airfare, even though the ticket will be for him only, and that I won’t be traveling with him on this trip?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I think it should be fine. You could attempt to use the $450 travel credit. As long as the booking go through, it is fine.

Not having the Qantas Amex, I am not certain. However, with all other Amex travel credits, you can most certainly use it for friends/family.

Hi Warren, thank you so much for your response. Apologies for not responding sooner myself. I made the booking as you suggested, and it all went through fine. Many thanks!