Can Qantas Points Club lounge passes be used at Perth for Jetstar award flight to Thailand?

I have two lounge passes as a result of accruing over 150k points to reach Points Club.
We are flying out of Perth on a rewards seat Jetstar flight to Phuket soon.
Can we use the QANTAS lounge in Perth?
Many thanks

You can but do you really want to? You’ll need to go to T1 to check in then make your way to T4 to use the lounge before making your way back to T1 to board your flight allowing enough time for security and immigration.

I don’t think it’s worth all that effort just for some toast, boiled eggs and a cup of coffee.

Fair enough, didn’t realise they were different terminals! Thanks for the response :smiling_face:

Just checked and we are departing terminal 4 which will make things easier. Was more concerned as I had heard that you couldn’t use.complimentary passes at Perth :woman_shrugging:t2:

I think what is a common mistake is expecting Jetstar reward business class seats to have lounge access.

From what I can read, the lounge passes can be used on any JQ flights.

Thanks Warren, that makes sense :smiling_face: