Can Qantas flights operated by Alliance Airlines be included in a Qantas OneWorld RTW itinerary?

Looking at booking a flight to Europe next year. We have moved to Rockhampton and there are business class flights available but they are on Qantas operated by alliance airlines. Does anyone know if they can be included in a RTW flight or would I be better getting on a dash 8 flight in economy? Last booked a flight via Sydney in 2019 and had a lot less trouble picking flights and hitting the max points. Things have certainly changed.

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I suspect if it has a QF flight number, you should be fine. You could do a dummy flight search to confirm.


Yes. It counts as a one world flight. You will see many more examples of this particularly American Airlines regional flights operated by American Eagle (just a subsidiary on paper), or Finnair’s intra-Europe flights, etc.

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Thanks. I tried a booking and even though I couldn’t get flights home, I did hit the magic maximum of points.