Can Qantas Club Members access Emirates Lounge in Dubai if flight number is EK?

Hi, tried searching for the answer - but couldn’t on the forum.

Can Qantas Club Members (paid - not Gold) access Emirates Dubai Business Class Lounges? Some of my friends are flying and they are flying Emirates economy with ticketed EK flight numbers?

The Qantas website is a bit confusing as it says you can if you are flying qantas; but EK and QF are codeshares but my friends ticket says EK on it.

Again, just to clarify, i’m not talking about the lounge passes or anything. Just plain Qantas Club membership

Thank you in advance!


If it is an EK number flight, you technically can’t access the Emirates Dubai Business Lounge.

Each time your next onward flight that day is a Qantas or Jetstar flight number you will have access to:

Qantas Club lounges when travelling within Australia*
Qantas International Business Lounges when travelling overseas
Emirates Business Lounge in Dubai

Qantas club membership only entitles you to use Qantas club lounges, as in Qantas owned and operated and not owned and operated by partner airlines, and only ever prior to the departure of a same day flight with a QF flight number.

So it’s a definite no on two counts; first you are ticketed with Emirates, and secondly as Qantas have switched their hub for European flights to Singapore now, they do not operate a lounge in Dubai which would render your Qantas club membership useless.

I believe EK have begun allowing economy passengers to buy one-off lounge access passes to Emirates operated lounges, which would be your only way in.