Can one transfer points from Amex Explorer (Membership Rewards Gateway) to Qantas?

Is there any way to transfer points from an Amex Explorer card to Qantas FF? I had my points expire on 30 June and they advised the only way to get them back to is to transfer 2500 points in to the program in the next 6 months.

Amex Explorer doesn’t support transfers to Qantas but it does to a lot of other programs. Not sure if any of these will then allow me to transfer to Qantas.

No. It is not possible to transfer Amex points from Explorer to Qantas.

In general you can’t transfer from 1 FF program to another FF program as they want you to stay loyal to the loyalty program.

Visit Epicure and buy some wine if you want some Qantas point fast. Point usually get credited on the same day or next.

Had a feeling that might be the case. The Epicure idea is a good one. I still need a second transfer method as I need to deposit 2500 points from 2 sources.