Can one decline a partially successful Qantas upgrade request (travel party of four)?

Myself and my husband and 2 young teenagers are travelling to the USA with Qantas. In the unlikely event that I am successful in getting a Qantas Classic upgrade to business class, will I find out our seat numbers before we fly? Also, if we are successful but are not seated together, can I decline the upgrade. I would rather travel economy and be seated with my kids than have us all separated and my kids sitting unaccompanied next to strangers for a long flight.

I am pretty sure once you have requested an upgrade, if it comes through (for all people on the booking - in your case, 4) then it is locked in. You will most likely not get a chance to decline it. It could potentially come through as late as when boarding is called. So would you find out the seat numbers? Well that depends on if/when the upgrade is approved.

Do you have status with QF?

P1 can get upgrades confirmed from 7 days out I believe. If you are a Bronze (like me) then the chances of getting 4 people upgraded is slim to none. In fact, I have never heard of any bronze getting 4 upgrades confirmed.

Thanks for the reply. My husband is a gold member and we were going to use frequent flyer points to request the upgrade. As I said not sure I should bother. This may be a dumb question, but do you keep your points if the upgrade is unsuccessful?