Can one benefit from booking tickets or requesting upgrades by someone with a higher Qantas status?

If I had a friend with a high qff status purchase an international ticket for me would I receive his status on my ticket? If he then used his qff points to request an upgrade for that ticket would the chances be higher in receiving that upgrade because of the status of the person buying and request the upgrade?
Or does this not work at all??
I have a lot of points earned through my business credit card (nearly 300, probably not a lot to some ppl) but I don’t fly often (once a year to Canada) so I am only a bronze member.
I want to arrange another trip the CA mid next year but would like my family and I to be bumped up to business from an economy ticket like once before.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Hi Luke,

Status is not transferable. If your friend buys a ticket for you, no matter what his status, your ticket will be marked according to your status rather than his.

On paper, if he requested an upgrade on your behalf, your chances would not be any higher. I’m actually not sure that it can be done at all. However, especially if your friend’s status is very high (ie. Platinum One) or if he is a very high-value customer to Qantas, his request for an upgrade is more likely to be met sympathetically than yours. To put it bluntly, Qantas would be more likely to bend over backwards for him than for you! So there’s no harm in getting him to ask on your behalf, even if (to be honest) I don’t like your chances.