Can my Qantas Oneworld RTW redemption be on separate itineraries?

I believe I have completed a classic rewards itinerary for 2 passengers. Unfortunately I had to book each leg separately as I couldn’t make the multi city tool work, ever. This means 7 different booking reference numbers. Apparently they have all been ‘linked’. I can’t get everything under one booking reference number.
I have used more than a million points for this and no one seems to understand that I should be reimbursed for the excess above 636,000.
I have spent countless hours on the phone, only being able to talk to overseas call centres, none of whom seem to have a clue.
I have also written a complaint which got a quick phone response but no action. That was 2 weeks ago.
Any ideas?

The cap of 318,000 Qantas Points for the Oneworld Classic Flight Reward applies when all the flights are in a single booking. Unfortunately, by booking each leg separately, the system regards each ticket as a separate itinerary, so it’s priced individually. There is no way around this and Qantas won’t be able to apply the cap.

The correct way to book the reward (if you were unable to book through the multi-city tool) was to either book what you could online and then call Qantas to add the additional sectors (paying the change fee), or simply book the whole thing in one go over the phone.

Right now, your best choice to get everything under one booking is to cancel the six latter tickets (a cancel fee of 6,000 Qantas Points per person, per booking = 72,000 pts will be withheld) and add those flights again to the first ticket IF the seats become available again (or find alternative flights) – that will cost 5,000 Qantas Points per person to change and reticket the booking.

Thanks Brandon!
It’s a pity no Qantas consultant told me that when I called after booking the first 2 legs (having been unable to use the multi city tool). In fact I was told that the flights would be linked and that it would work out in the end. I called them after every leg had been booked and was never told that I was wasting my time.
Thanks for clearing this up in one email - something I have not been able to get from Qantas.