Can my baggage be transferred between carriers on a Oneworld RTW ticket?

I have looked at a trip and have times where I fly into an destination on one carrier part of the one world and fly out on another carrier in same day. Eg fly into Tokyo- Narita with finnair and fly out Japan airlines within 5 hrs. Similar situation in KL but in Japan out Malaysia airlines.
Does my baggage get transferred or do i need to collect and go back through customs. I have read the Qantas website and it seems to say the baggage is transferred from one carrier to another if on same ticket and oneworld carrier

I haven’t done this on a RTW ticket but have been in the same situation where you fly-in on Airline1 and fly-out on Airline2 (same ticket). Most of the times the baggage was transferred directly to the destination - I can remember of one instance where this didn’t happen I flew in with Etihad into Melbourne and was catching Virgin Australia to Adelaide. I was asked to collect the baggage in Melbourne and check-in with Virgin (Etihad and Virgin were on the same ticket).

Do not know the details of why but I have seen both ways. You will be informed at the initial check-in counter where you will need to collect the baggage.

Hi @vanders1

Yes, this won’t be a problem if you ask, when you check in for your first flight, for the luggage to be checked in all the way to your final destination. I have even had this done when flying on separate tickets – airlines have what are called “interline” arrangements to do this, particularly if they’re all in one alliance (eg. Oneworld).

@ck009 is right about how the situation is different in Australia, for customs reasons: when you enter Australia from overseas you need to take your checked baggage through customs yourself, for security and biosecurity reasons.