Can I use Qantas points to book through Emirates website?

I was reading an article in this site (which is great by the way) and I could be wrong but it inferred that I could use my Qantas points to book a flight in the Emirates website. This may give us a better chance of nabbing rewards seats

However we have joined up and logged into Emirates but can’t see any way of booking with Qantas points. Any thoughts please?

Hi @Anzac65

Glad you’re finding this site great – I agree!

You can use Qantas points to book Emirates flights (details in the comprehensive article below), but the only way to do it is via the Qantas website (or by calling Qantas). You can’t use Qantas points to book via the Emirates website, nor can you use Emirates Skywards points to book via the Qantas website.

That, by the way, is the rule of thumb for every Frequent Flyer programme: you can only use that programme’s points on that programme’s website, even if you can book other airlines on that website.