Can I use my Virgin Gold status for lounge access on South African Perth -> Johannesburg flight?

Hi all,

Hoping someone Can give me some insider advice...I'm currently booked on an SAA ticketed flight from PER-JNB and wondering if my VA gold status will be of any use, primarily concerned with lounge access although extra luggage and points could be handy too. Virgin did promise an announcement for early this year but so far mum's the word....


Thanks in advance!

My advice is not an insider's advice as I don't work for either VA or SAA. However, as far as I can see, SAA is currently not a Virgin partner yet. Until some thing official has been made, I am afraid your Virgin gold won't be of any use with your SAA flight, unless of course, if it is VA code shared flight, then it should be considered a VA flight and therefore all your VA gold perk applies.