Can I use my Qantas Points to book flights for family members without travelling with them?

I recently booked a flight for my husband and me using my Qantas FF points. I would like to do the same for my son who is not a FF member. Do I need to be travelling on the same flight to do this? and is it too late to now book his seat using my points?

Hey JoyC,

Not at all; qff allow you to book for a whole range of “eligible family members” be they frequent fliers themselves or not.

My girlfriend isn’t a qff member and I had no troubles at all getting an award seat for her to fly home without my from Byron Bay. I also booked that one the day of her travel, at about 11am for the 4:50pm flight so I don’t think you’d have any issues in booking quite late in play.

Hope that helps!

thanks very much for such a quick reply.  It sure does help!