Can I use my complimentary Qantas lounge passes at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Lounge?


I have a couple of complimentary Qantas lounge passes, and I was pretty keen to use them at Los Angeles International Airport(LAX) as we have a 4 hour layover there before our next American Airlines flight.

It says on the back the next onward flight must be Qantas or Jetstar although on the Qantas website for the LA Lounge it often says any Oneworld flight would be eligible.

Do you think they will let us in, especially because we would have just been on a 15 hour Qantas flight?

Qantas lounge passes can only be used in a lounge before a Qantas or jetstar numbered flight not any one world flight.


Secondly there is only a Qantas first class lounge at Los Angeles. There is a one world shared lounge at the international terminal and I’m not sure lounge passes are accepted

I thought those passes were expressly restricted to domestic lounges.  Are you sure they don’t say that on them?

I concur with Mark. We recently flew Brisbane to Helsinki via Singapore. First leg was Qantas and second Finnair (oneworld carrier). We had complimentary qantas club passes but as second leg was not a QF flight number we were denied access to the Qantas lounge in Singapore. This is in accordance with conditions on the back of each pass. On the way back our passes got us in as next flight was QF. Great lounge by the way.

No it says

This invitation is valid for a single entry for one person only to any Qantas Club or Qantas operated International Business Lounge before the date specified on the invitation. You must present the invitation on arrival at the lounge and your next onward flight that day must be on a Qantas or Jetstar Flight number.

I know it specifies Qantas and Jetstar but depending on the person working at the time they might be lenient and let us in even though our next flight is on American Airlines.