Can I upgrade my Emirates flight using Skyward miles or Qantas points?

I have 171353 Emirates miles, of which 124842 expires on 31/7/24.
I also have 138492 Qantas points as well.

I have an outward flight booked on Emirates on 7th September 24 from Brisbane to Dubai (EK435) and then from Dubai to Rome (EK097).
Then have return flight booked on Emirates on 26th September 24 from Rome to Dubai (EK096) and then from Dubai to Brisbane (EK434) on 27th September 24.
The seats I have booked are Economy class. Emirates Skywards number 237807043.
I was wondering whether I could use my points to get a seat upgrade?
Could you please give me some advice.

Try looking up your booking here?,class%20using%20your%20Skywards%20Miles.

I’ve not tried it myself. Found it via a Google search.

I don’t think you can upgrade an Emirates flight with Qantas points. Unless you have redeemed the economy seats as Qantas Classic Rewards, then that may be possible.