Can I upgrade a Qatar Airways flight using Qantas Points?


I’ve booked a return flight Canberra to London with Qatar airways. I made this booking through the site Go To Gate.

Is it possible to upgrade this flight using Qantas points (I have a lot), or what I need to pay cash? The leg from Canberra to Doha is QR907, the leg from Qatar to London Heathrow is QR9…

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, unfortunately, it’s not possible to upgrade a Qatar Airways flight using Qantas points. You can only upgrade using Qantas points on Qantas operated flights.

You can of course pay cash. You can contact Qatar Airways for the price which is usually the difference between what you paid and business class plus the change fee (if applicable). You may have to do this through the website you booked through though which might incurr an additional fee. Additionally, you could see if there was any upgrade offers at the time of check-in (this is usually the cheapest price for you to upgrade). Hope this helps.