Can I transfer status credits from KrisFlyer to Velocity or do I claim them after the flight?

I’m keen to book direct with Singapore Airlines for some flights (they just have better options and times for the specific dates I need as opposed to booking them on the Virgin site) but a little uncertain about how to get those Status credits earned on Singapore over to Velocity.

I can see the form to claim missed points on the Velocity website but… should I make my booking and let the points get added initially to Krisflyer and then attempt to transfer them, or make my booking using no Krisflyer account and simply try to claim them as “missed” points on the Velocity website after my flights are completed?

The points aren’t the main concern… it’s the Status credits I don’t want to miss out on.

There’s a couple of things to consider here.

Earning points and status with an airline partner in your frequent flyer program is as simple as putting your Velocity number in your Singapore Airlines booking (instead of a KrisFlyer number). No need to retroactive claiming. Whatever you do, don’t put a KrisFlyer number in there and then fly - you can’t transfer your status accrued to Velocity later.

You also need to check the Singapore Airlines ticket you are planning on booking is eligible for points and status credit earn with Velocity - you’ll need to check which fare code your ticket will book into with Singapore Airlines and then see if Velocity will award points by checking the Singapore Airlines table here.

Obviously if it’s not eligible, you won’t earn points or status with Velocity, so you might want to check if then KrisFlyer would award points for that booking instead.