Can I transfer from Velocity to Krisflyer now, and back to Velocity in 2019 and get a bonus?

Hi All,

Maybe this is a silly question - from 1 Jan 2019 the V:KF transfer rate goes from 1.35/1 to 1.55/1. I have been transferring all my V points across to maximise my KF points.

However, if I did not care much about using KF points, can I transfer to KF now and simply transfer back in 2019 for a V points bump? If I had 135,000 V points now that I transferred for 100,000 KF, come 2019, I can transfer it back for 155,000 V points? That is a 20,000 V points bump for free?

Let me know if this makes sense. Potentially the rate increase is only one way and not the other (KF to V does not change).


A big fat no.

You lose out in each direction before or after 1 Jan.

The increase rate is not one way, its both ways, KF and VFF announced the change at the same time (on this website too)