Can I through check my baggage?

Hi Brains Trust,
I have successfully booked a classic reward RTW flight and I am wondering if my luggage on the below flight segments (starting point) from Melbourne to NY are transferred onwards for me.

I fly Mel-Syd-Dallas-NY. SYD and Dallas are transit stops only. I fly Qantas to Dallas, then American Airlines Dallas to NY.
Do I need to collect my luggage in Dallas and check in to AA or is my luggage transferred for me?

I have the same query at the end of my trip. I fly SIN-KL-PER.

Again, all on the same booking reference but I had to call up QANTAS to book this last flight home as I had previously booked my Classic rewards RTW flights stopping in SIN and this was an add on as I researched and saw there were business seats SIN-KL and separately KL-PER.

It wasn’t a case of SIN to PER via KL (no classic reward business seats available).

The Qantas operator was helpful with this add on for sure and added them and it appears SIN-KL-PER on my ticket as part of the RTW ticket. Flying Malaysian airlines both segments.

Can I assume my luggage is transferred to the final destination (NY and PER)?

I’d hate to lose my luggage at the beginning of my journey…

The Qantas operator said I would need to contact the individual airlines to confirm…

I would appreciate any insight.

From a quick Google search:

Source 1
Today, one has to pick up their luggage at the 1st point of entry into the U.S. & go through security again. Not all airports in the US are international airports, so they don’t all have customs. Therefore, it is simpler to have everyone go through customs at their port of entry.

Source 2 (agrees)
Here’s what you’re expected to encounter: If you checked a bag, you’ll have to collect it from baggage claim from the international flight . You’ll need to clear customs and immigration. Next, you’ll recheck your luggage for the domestic flight.

You will have to collect your luggage at DFW amd recheck in. Situation sounds familiar to Australia. You will go through customs at your first port of entry.

SIN-KUL-PER . Since serviced by MAS on both flights, you should be able to through check your bags.

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Thank you kindly @w.hiew
The transit time is just under 1.5 hours, so that is enough time (just…). :smiling_face:

If the flights are on the same itinerary, you should be protected from missing any flights due to any delays/cancellations.

Good luck and put on some comfortable walking shoes.

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