Can I through check my baggage if travelling on all OneWorld partners on same ticket?

Hi all, I’m flying on a OneWorld Classic Flight Reward ticket in September and the journey home will span a few days: Rome → Helsinki (Finnair) → Delhi (Finnair) → Tokyo (JAL) → Sydney (JAL) → Melbourne (Qantas).
These flights are all on the same ticket and all airlines are OneWorld partners so my understanding is I can through check my luggage from Rome to Sydney (clear immigration and change terminals before going to Melbourne). Is this correct? Thanks!

This webpage seems to agree that it’s fine if they are all OneWorld airlines on one PNR.

That’s a lot of transits and flights to get to Sydney.

Thanks mate, yeah we can see on a few sites that it is permitted but wanted to see if there was anyone with a personal experience. It will determine if we have to arrange an Indian visa or not!

Haha it is a long way but lonely old bronze status, so when arranging 2 x RTW in business class you get what you are given right? Haha!

Check out this page in case you haven’t already.

I just realised to point this out. Qantas status only gives you earlier access to award seats on Qantas flights (QF metal). It doesn’t affect access to award seats on partner airlines.

I get your point though, you have to take what’s available.

Thanks for sending through that forum page. We will have a browse, cheers!

Yes I realise that, haha but it was getting so bloody hard to string together 11 or so flights in business regardless of metal that whatever came up we took! Have done this 6 times now and this latest one was by far the hardest! The call centers were just so unbelievably incompetent, and I think that is really where the benefit of status lies and getting the Hobart call center when booking these kinds of tickets.

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