Can I take a puppy on a domestic flight?


We are considering getting a puppy from an interstate breeder, what is the process of getting pets on domestic flights (Low-cost airlines and full-service ones)?


Hi there,

I would recommend that you do a Google search and look at the different companies offering these services. You can’t take your puppy or pet on a flight in the cabin with you (if that’s what you were asking). There’s plenty of information on the internet.

I’ve seen good reviews for JetPets ( so maybe take a look there to start. I’m not sure how these companies (JetPets, PetFlyers etc.) have been impacted by Covid-19 so it’s worth doing some research.

Personally, I would be hesitant to transfer my dog on a flight as I’ve seen some scary stories lately via Qantas where the dog actually died as they were left on the tarmac and overheated. If at all possible, drive and pick the puppy up in person so you can be with him/her the whole way!

How exciting if you get a puppy!

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