Can I redeem Qantas FF points on flights for my partner and I to Alice Springs?

I have 400,000 Qantas FF points - just realised! Can I use these to fly to Alice Springs (return) - either redeem for flights or upgrade to business class - but also my partner coming/flying with me- we are not married? Thanks

When you are booking look out for ‘classic rewards’ in Business or economy. They will have less availabilty and you may need to look at a few different dates but it will be worth the look. As an example Sydney to Alice in July is only 18,000 points and $89 in fees one way in economy and 40,000 points and $82 in Business. Regular points rewards can be up to 350,000 points one way in business!! Take a careful look before you commit and don’t waste your points. 400,000 points will get you both a lot of trips across Australia used wisely.

Thank you for considered response- Tneumanas

Yes you can. Just go to the Qantas website and do a dummy booking after selecting ‘Use points - Classic Flight Rewards only’. This will give you your options. Bear in mind there will still be charges that are not covered by points but you can continue your dummy booking far enough to get this amount without actually booking.