Can I pick up more points with Qantas Assure by cancelling and opening a new policy?

Hey all,

Currently I am signed up with Qantas Assure. I signed up about 3 months ago when they were running a double points sign up bonus. I think we netted about 40 000 points. I am the primary account holder, and my wife is listed on the policy - we purchased a ‘couples’ policy. During the time we purchased this insurance, my wife was in the process of changing her name - with Qantas FF. So we never entered in her FF number.

My question is, are we able to cancel the policy, sign up with my wife as the primary account holder, entering in her FF number (as it is now changed with Qantas) and secure the bonus points + double points per $ spent for the life of the policy?
We are actually looking at increasing our cover anyway, so it would be a different sort of policy to what we have now…

This is a reasonably complex request. unless someone has done something identical to this , it’s not something easy to comment on. why not ask Qantas assure directly?

I’d agree with Mark, hard to know for sure. I can see why you would think this would work though, how would Assure know anything about your wife’s Qantas FF account if you have never given them your number? I guess the question comes down to whether they would match her to an existing policy in some other way, i.e. name and address.