Can I only use my Qantas points on Qantas flights?

I have amassed a considerable amount of Qantas points. Do I have to use Qantas to use those points and book flights? Are there (other) travel providers that will book flights for me using points on one world airlines?

Hi stephend,

You can use your Qantas points for flights operated by Qantas, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Jetstar, JAL, and other Qantas partners or oneworld partners.

You have to go through Qantas website or ring up Qantas call centre.

Hi and thanks for the comment. I am fully aware of the partner airlines where I can use my QF points. My question was specifically related to “do I have to use the Qantas website and/or the Qantas call centre to book/redeem points for flights?”.

I recall seeing “somewhere” (maybe Point Hacks) that there are other ways to redeem. Such as a travel service provider external to Qantas.

I find navigating the Qantas website so annoying in trying to redeem points for multiple destinations/return. There must be an easier way. Or is it that Qantas makes it hard for the QFF so I cant redeem points. Point to point is easy. Its when you have multiple destinations, that the selected flights have you travelling over numerous sectors and to airports that I dont want to transit in and adds hours to the travelling time.

There has to be an easier way!!!