Can I have a separate side trip in the middle of a Qantas Oneworld RTW itinerary?

I am attempting to plan a rtw trip using My QFF classic flight rewards.
I am wondering if whilst in Europe , can I book a completely separate flight to a destination not covered by Oneworld, and then continue on with my rtw itinerary?
More specifically, I am hoping to go
Melbourne, Singapore, Rome, Reykjavik
Whilst in Iceland have a side trip to Greenland for a few weeks.
Then resume rtw from Reykjavik to Los Angeles and then Melbourne.
Would that fit within the eligibility criteria please?
Cheers, Helen

Hi helenreeves,

I assume you are thinking about taking a separate return flight in a different itinerary. In this case, Qantas doesn’t need to know what you do in Iceland or whether you have left Iceland. As long as you make it back in time for your flight out of Iceland, Qantas wouldn’t know any different.