Can I get to Asia with Lifemiles in 2022? Not having much luck so far

Are others finding difficulty getting J class SYD/BKK or SYD/SIN using Lifemiles . The OTHER OPTIONS option is more expensive than buying a commercial ticket ? Thanks

I would suggest using the United Airlines website to find award seats. It’s what I find to be the best at finding star alliance award seats. After confirming award seats are available, you should be able to book with LifeMiles at the advertised rate.

Thank you very much for your help. Do you mean you then go back to the Lifemiles site and book ?

Yes that’s right!!
Extra words for the word count

Once again thanks for your help

I gave up on Lifemiles a long time ago because as you have mentioned they show almost zero availability in and out of Australia. For some reason the availability they show is a lot less than what other Star Alliance airlines shows. I’m not even sure how I can spend my remaining Lifemiles.

Thanks Kris much appreciated. I’m in the same boat - nearly a million points !!! Regards