Can I get my Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership Year extended?


I’m looking like I’m going to be about 100 Status Credits short of an upgrade to Gold Status at the end of my membership year (Ends 1 January 2019).

Throughout this year I have the following trips planned:
-Asia in Business in December, earning me around 270 SC all up
-Travelling return between Brisbane and Sydney every 4 weeks in red e-deal economy (20 SC per trip)

I already have around 200 SC in my account for this membership year, and adding all of that up I will be at about 560 SC - 90 short of the much desired upgrade to Gold after the status bonus.

However, I have a trip planned to Asia again in early January 2019, a little over a week after my membership year ends. This trip will get me around 100 SC, and would get me over the line for an upgrade to Gold.

I’ve heard stories about people being able to extend their membership year with QF to include their trips and upgrade their status, but I’m not sure how true these are and if QF would do so for me!

Any ideas on the topic would be great, and if you have any tips as to how to maximise my chances of getting QFF to extend my membership year (just on this one occasion), then that would be much appreciated!

Hi Mff444,

I haven’t had any experience with attempting to get Qantas to extend the membership year to credit your points to the previous year (so you can reach gold) but I think the chances would be very, very, very slim of Qantas agreeing to it.

In order to get the extra status credits you will need to fly before the end of your membership year.

One option would be to book a domestic return business class ticket in Australia on Qantas. An example of this would be Melbourne to Brisbane return which would get you 120 status credits (enough for you to reach gold) however this would cost over $2000 and in my opinion would be hard to justify just to reach gold.

Considering you would have reached the minimum four flights on Qantas by the end of your membership (a minimum of four flights on Qantas or Jetstar are required per year to move up membership levels) and that you are going to be doing a trip to Asia this membership year, I would recommend looking at extending you stay in Asia and doing a short haul business class trip on a Oneworld partner airline while you are there. An example would be: Hong Kong to Bangkok return flying Royal Jordanian (Oneworld alliance member) in Bussiness class. This would get you 120 Qantas status credits. Royal Jordanian fly their 787 dreamliner on this flight with a lie flat bed and is a quick 2h 50m flight each way. This flight would only cost you around $800! Less than half the price of the domestic flight example above for the same status credits!

You just need to weigh up if gold status is worth the extra $$$. Will you be flying much in your next membership year? If next membership year you will mostly be doing domestic or international travel on Qantas it might be better value money wise just sticking with your normal travel plans and buying a Qantas Club membership for next year which will give you lounge access when flying on Qantas or Jetstar (remember Jetstar is not only the Australian Jetstar but also their sister airlines Jetstar Asia Airways, Jetstar Pacific Airlines and Jetstar Japan so  for example if flying Jetstar Asia from Singapore to Malaysia you could use the Qantas Singapore lounge). Don’t be worried that your 100 status credit will go to waste as these can be used to try get Qantas gold next year and will also be used to build towards Qantas lifetime silver or gold status (7,000 or 14,000 status credits). If you are planning on flying Oneworld partner airlines a fair bit next membership year than Qantas Gold is definitely worth trying to get this year to enjoy fast lines and the lounges!

Also worth keeping in mind that it is a lot easier trying to redeem flights when you are a Qantas Gold member so if you are planning on redeeming a flight next year it might be worth going for Gold.

All the best!

Kind Regards,