Can I get free / paid stopover with one way saver KrisFlyer redemption?


I am looking into booking return SYD-TLV flight with SQ.
I am not sure if I will have sufficient miles for return with J, so I am considering having one way with Y and one way with J.
The SQ chat lady said I only get complimentary stopover with return redemption and mixed cabin redemption will be charged as J.

On the other hand, I came across some articles saying you can call SQ, book one way saver and add 100USD stopover.

Anyone can shed some light on this matter?


I would redeem them as 2 x oneway and pay U$100-150 for the stop over as part of the one of the oneway redemptions. Paid stopover is still available as far as I know.

Do you know what you get for that 100USD stopover?
Hotel? Meals?
Do I get different stopover for Y/J?


For US$100, you get the right to take your next flight more than 24 hours after the first flight lands. That’s it. Hotel, meals etc are extra.

Not sure what you mean by “different stopover” but I think you’re asking whether what happens during your stopover is any different depending on whether you’re travelling economy or business. If that’s what you’re asking, the answer is no. If you don’t pay $100, your transit time must be less than 24 hours. If you pay $100, your transit time can be greater than 24 hours. Simple as that.

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood your question.

Yes, it is clear.

I am getting “1$ stopover” now flying with SQ, which including a lot of things like hotel, discounted / free meals, free entrance to attractions etc. I’ve seen similar promotions with Etihad and Turkish.
I also had free accommodation and meals with Korean with a scheduled 23hrs layover (different case I assume).

So simply wondering if that 100USD gives you anything but different flight itinerary.

No, the $100 is simply a fee for the different flight itinerary. As always, of course, there’s no harm in calling the airline and asking them what stopover promotions or special deals they have.

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We only went one way LHR - SIN, 24 hours, SIN - SYD and we were able to access the $1 stopover - it was absolutely brilliant! Talk about a good deal!

Was it paid ticket or reward ticket?