Can I extend Krisflyer points if I have a flight booked but need to cancel?

Say i have a krisflyer redemption booked. But the travel date of that redemption is beyond the miles expiry date.
If i cancel to the ticket, would i lose the miles because they have technically expired, or at that point would i be able to pay $12US per 10k miles to extend the validity for 6 months (or would i need to do this before booking the ticket)??

Hi again @neilio444

It’s a little complicated. You don’t say when your travel date is or when your miles are due to expire. If it’s this year, your KrisFlyer points will be automatically extended and they won’t start expiring until next year, as per the chart below. However, you might need to call KrisFlyer and ask them to manually reinstate the points and/or extend the expiry date.

If you’re due to travel next year, your best option is probably to change your ticket rather than cancel it. Tickets are actually valid for 12 months from the date of booking. So, for example, if the ticket is issued in August 2022 for travel in January 2023, you actually can change the ticket and use the points up until August 2023.

The article below from a couple of years ago explains things in more detail.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply @sixtyeight, let me rephrase the question for clarity.
I want to book a Krisflyer reward seat for late in 2023. My miles expire in mid 2023. I know I can book the ticket out 12 months from miles expiry. I’m trying to understand what happens to my miles if I book the ticket and then for some reason I can’t travel. As the miles would be expired at the point of travel, I want to know if I lose them - or could I pay the extension fee to extend them 6 months at that point (kind of retrospectively). Or should I just pay to extend the miles before booking the ticket so that I can cancel. Does that make sense? Thanks for your help

If your miles expire in June 2023 and you cancel your ticket in July 2023 then you will not get your miles back. I can’t see how you will be able to pay to extend your miles in July 2023 because you technically have no miles to extend.

As per the Krisflyer terms and conditions - “KrisFlyer miles that have already expired cannot be extended”.


Yep, so if you’re worried about the possibility of cancellation, extend the expiry date before making the booking.

Thanks for the help. Looks like I will need to extend miles before booking. Cheers