Can I earn Velocity status credits and points from Aegean flights?

I am looking to earn status travelling Athens to Amman, Jordan and wanted clarity on if I could earn status with Aegean Air? Any recommendations?


I may be wrong, but I don’t think so with Aegean being a One World Partner.

You could credit qantas flights but not Virgin.


Aegean is actually a Star Alliance Airline.

In terms of Status Credits, there is no way of crediting or transferring your SC’s earned on Aegean to Virgin Velocity.

Because of Virgin’s partnership with Singapore Airlines (another Star Alliance airline), you could get your points over to Virgin. Join KrisFlyer, and give your KrisFlier number to Aegean. You’ll then earn KrisFlyer points.

At some point in the future (there’s no hurry) you could decide either to transfer your KrisFlyer points to Virgin Velocity, or to transfer your Velocity points into KrisFlyer. Either way, you’ll lose about 26% of your points in the transfer. But it’s much better than nothing.

All the best!