Can I book part of a Qantas multi-city redemption and add on flights at a later date?

Hi, wondering if anyone knows if I can make a partial multi city booking using my QFF points. Example: I want to book Cairns to Hong Kong in November 2018 which are available to book now. Further to that I then want book flights from Hong Kong to London. The Qantas site calendar doesnt go that far out for further bookings which is ok but I want to book the first leg now before the seats all go. Hope this makes sense. Thx for any help you can offer.

Probably best to book as separate bookings to ensure you get the reward flights. If you wait for the next leg, your CNS to HKG may not be available!

Hi Cybermouse,

You can always add on another flight (if it made sense to do so). There is a change fee (Qantas points) for every time you make changes (e.g. adding flights).

For oneworld RTW redemptions with Qantas points, this is one of the strategies to avoid losing the award seats while waiting for all the flights to be open for redemption.

Thanks w-hiew. I booked CNS to HKG this morning as a one way flight in order not to miss out on the flight I wanted. I jumped back into the Qantas booking engine just out of curiosity to see if I could book multi city from HKG to Zurich or London. It does allow the booking but the fuel tax would be charged to my credit card in HKD not AUD. However, this was not a bad thing as it actually worked out $113 cheaper after conversion than if I had booked the two legs from Cairns. I just hope it will be OK to book the next legs (as multi city departing from HKG) when the flights fully open up for rest of November 18. I plan to use all my QFF points for the whole trip.