Can I book American Airlines or United Airlines using American Express Points?

Hi, wanting to go from Brisbane to LAX or Canada December 2024 3 x Business Class. I have plenty of Qantas, Virgin, Singapore Miles, Emirates and Qatar but none of them seem to have any direct flights from any major cities in Aus to USA/Canada on rewards seats business class!

Is there a way I can book united or american airlines, or any other airline for that matter, that i can fly direct on points?

thank you in advance

Do direct flights exist? Yes. Air Canada flys direct from Brisbane to Vancouver. Qantas and United both fly direct from Brisbane to LAX. United even flies direct to San Francisco!

Are there business class reward seats on these flights? A small amount! As you can imagine, everyone would like a business class seat on such long flights and December is peak travel season. So your chances of getting 3 of them are very very slim indeed. 1 might be doable, but generally anymore than 2 really requires you to have quite a lot of luck on your side. Given you have so many different programmes to choose from, it might help to split up the party so that everyone has a chance of getting A seat in business, but one on Qantas, one on United, one on Air Canada etc etc.

And to address your question about how to book: IF award space is available, you should be able to book United and Air Canada business class with Velocity or KrisFlyer. Usually Velocity is cheaper but do check before booking. Qantas you can just use Qantas points!