Can existing AMEX cardholders still get bonus points when signing up via referral links?

Am I to understand that when one signs up via a referral link, one still receives the bonus even if one is an existing member?  If so, I could quite easily justify the Platinum Charge and Velocity Platinum.

Hi thelongroad, if you do not currently hold a card issued directly by AMEX, then you are not considered an existing customer.\r\nBank issued AMEX cards are not considered to be customers of AMEX.

I have a platinum edge, and have been with Amex for 15 years. I’ve just heard that some people have been getting sign up bonuses when signing up through a referral link.

Hi,\r\n\r\nYes you can get a referral fee of 10k points and the person you refer get 15k points. You need to go to Amex website and hit the referral button. You will need to refer via Facebook/Linked In only. I got my bonus the other week.

That would be for the Platinum Edge, which I already have. I was referring to referral links for Velocity Platinum and Platinum Charge. I presume the principle is the same, but wanted to be sure.\r\n\r\nJust to clarify with the FB, Linkedin remark: Would posting someone else’s referral link on your own FB page and then clicking through work?\r\n\r\nLet me put it this way. If somebody is quite sure I’ll get the bonus, post your link here for the Platinum Charge, or message it to me, and I’ll use it.

I am also interested to hear about this.

I have a Commonwealth bank Diamond Awards amex at the moment - does this make me an AMEX member already?

Hi Bluebottle,

You are eligible for AMEX bonuses because Bank (anz, westpac, nab, cba) issued AMEX cards are different from AMEX issued own branded cards.


I have a chartered accountant amex, a DJs amex and just recently applied for Platinum charge through a referral link and received 120k points not even after spending the $1k. I think I received it at around the $600 mark. Through the application process, they ask you if you have an Amex already and I put in the details of my CA Amex. It reflects on the Platinum charge card that I have been a member of Amex since when I first got the CA amex but I still received all the points. My gut feel is you’ll be ok as it’s a charge card and you have a credit card. I guess you can cancel if you don’t receive the points?

I’ve put my link here if you’d like to try to apply.  :slight_smile:

Amex referral link

Yes I held a Plat Edge and stated this during the application.  Got my 120,000 points even before I spent the $1,000.

My referral link

If you have a Corporate Amex via employer (but issued to you with your name and the employer’s name on it), does this count?

Company issued a corporate amex approx 7 months ago. Then I saw this deal and want to apply, but don’t want corporate application to hit their “existing cardholder” clause.

Corporate cards don’t count towards ‘having an amex’ - the exception would be where you are a sole trader e.g. Joe Bloggs is the business and you are Joe Bloggs. But if it’s Joe Bloggs Pty Ltd on the card then it’s not classed as an amex in your name as the business has taken the risk…