Can anyone suggest a status run destination that will earn me 70 points to qualify for Velocity Platinum?

I need to earn 110 points by 4 April to qualify for Velocity platinum. I’m based in Sydney and can only realistically travel on the weekend of the 1st-3 April as I am already travelling at Easter and picking up 40 points so that leaves a mere 70 to qualify.

After April 4 my target starts to increase to 130 then 150 and 230.

Can anyone suggest a destination I can do a status run on that weekend to earn the 70 points required? I am able to take the wife along as well and pool her points if that helps.


06 Apr 2016 870 130
15 May 2016 850 150
16 May 2016 770 230

Hi Ross,

A weekend trip to Hobart, with connections in MEL, should earn you and your wife 20 status points each, as 10 is the minimum on each leg.

Hobart to Sydney direct will only earn you 10 status points each way btw. Good luck!

Hi Ross

Yes your best option is two economy tickets to a destination in Queensland via Brisbane or South Australia via Melbourne.

They need to be connecting flights each way so you each receive 10+10 SC’s each way to total 80 SC’s.

Try Gladstone, Hamilton Island, Hobart, Launceston, Adelaide. Return connecting flights are likely to cost $500 or more each but unfortunately there is no real cheap way to get SC’s in this part of the world (you could make 70 SC’s for about $200 in the US).

Do your research on the VA site then check the prices on US sites Orbitz and Priceline. You will have to pay in US Dollars but these sorts of connecting flights are often 10% cheaper through a US site.

Good Luck