Can anyone share any experiences of using points plus pay to earn status with various frequent flyer programs?

Is it possible to earn points on an alliance frequent flyer program whilst buying a points+pay ticket?
For example, buy a points+pay ticket through Qantas but earn points on American Airlines?
Or better still, earn points and status credits on Qantas on a points+pay ticket purchased through a oneworld partner?

I was wondering the same thing specifically with Virgin and KrisFlyer though.\r\n\r\ndoes anyone know if I booked an award flight with Virgin could I earn KrisFlyer miles ?? or vice versa ??

Not a great answer, but personally I haven’t had the joy of this happening.

Two related personal experiences to share:

Firstly, a couple of Malaysia Airlines Enrich redemptions have credited to Qantas Frequent Flyer, despite them being redemptions. Now the value in Enrich has been gutted, I can’t see this happening again - and it wasn’t reliable in the first place either.

Secondly, paid upgrades on British Airways earn as Business status credits instead of Economy, despite the upgrade being cheap.