Can anyone offer any tips or strategies to maximise my chances of getting business class upgrades to Europe in May-August 2019 for my parents?

Hi guys,

I’m looking to shout my two elderly parents a flight to London/Europe anytime between May-August this year and would love to know if anyone has any sneaky tips or tricks on how to snag a business class upgrade from economy. At one point I read through the excellent post on this site about buying an economy round-the-world one-world ticket and upgrading to business via points. I’m not sure if this is possible anymore, but in any event, happy to just get a MNE-LHR route.

So, does anyone know what I can try? Have circa 290,000 Qantas points and I don’t care which airline I need to buy the economy fares from. Although is it the case that since I’m flying Qantas I must book through and with them.

Any tips or tricks are really appreciated, particularly as I know how tiresome these requests can be as I’m sure they get posted all the time. If another thread covers this, just send me to it.


This article may be helpful.

If you have enough points, always worthwhile to redeem outright business class instead of playing the Qantas upgrade lottery, especially if you do not have status.

With the Qantas oneworld Round the World redemption, you redeem outright (not buy economy fare and upgrade). 140k for economy, 280k & 420k for business and first class.

Excellent, thanks for clarifying this w.hiew.
I don’t have enough points for 2 outright BC flights unfortunately. Do you know if it’s possible to buy economy fares with any other One World member and then upgrade to BC using my QF points? I read somewhere ages ago that someone had done this. If not, may need to be the QF lottery at my lowly bronze level.

Not so sure that you can use Qantas points on flights not with a QF number.

From PH article,

  1. These rules and insights apply only for Qantas-operated flights, where your ticket shows a QF code on the flight (so not booked through a partner airline) and for upgrades using Qantas Points (not other frequent flyer program currencies)
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